SILVA Group was founded in 1933 by the Swedish Bröderna Kjellström and Instrumentverken companies. In the beginning, mostly compasses and headlamps were produced. The portfolio continues to focus on outdoor equipment for ambitious athletes and the Navy. The Swedes attach importance to quality and mature, reliable products that withstand the adversities of the Scandinavian climate and meet the needs of an athlete even under the most extreme conditions. Proof for this: the OutDoor Industry Award was given three times to SILVA products. The Outdoor Oscar has been presented since 2005 by an independent panel of experts with regard to functionality, innovation, workmanship and sustainability of new products. Learn more about SILVA...

SILVA outdoor accessories

- For an active outdoor life -

Try before you buy!

Each SILVA product can be tried out in one of their test centers (Sweden / Norway / Switzerland). In addition, customers may assemble their own personal equipment together with experienced specialists.

Our offer

SVB carries SILVA universal compasses that can be used both on the ship in permanent installation or as handbearing compasses as well as compasses with pillars.

With the SILVA clinometer you determine the ship's current heel. Heel / list designates the lateral inclination of the ship, i.e. rotation around the longitudinal axis.