SILENTWIND started by developing noise-optimised rotor blades, which were launched on the market as replacement rotor blades for existing small wind turbines. The quiet, hand-laminated rotor blades made of 100% carbon fibers were a great success; thus, in 2010 the decision was made to develop their own wind generator. The complete wind turbine with generator, hybrid boat charge controller and the distinctive blue "whispering wings" has been available since 2012 under the brand name SILENTWIND. SILENTWIND is a German family business based in Guimarães, in the north of Portugal, with a worldwide distribution network. Learn more about SILENT WIND...

Renewable energy on board

- How does the SILENT WIND generator work? -

The generator, developed by sailors for sailors, delivers particularly high performance even at low wind speeds and is suitable for all climate zones. Stable alignment even in heavy seas and high-quality, enclosed, seawater-resistant bearings. CFRP whisper blades deliver extremely low noise levels no matter the wind strength.
New hybrid MPPT charge controller with external Bluetooth interface (Android and iOS compatible) and multi-stage charging is included. In addition, a 300 watts (Wp) solar module can be connected. Own consumption amounts to only 20 mA. AGM, gel, wet and lithium batteries can be connected. A large, illuminated LCD display shows all relevant information.