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Never been seen before!

- A new level in line protection and fire prevention -

Protection for cables, operators and against fire in a 230 V shore power unit. This unit provides total protection in case of residual current, short circuits and overloads, as well as arcs which can occur in 230 V installations with loose terminal/plug connections, cable breaks or insulation damage, or with defective connection lines.
Common installations with RCDs and RCCBs cannot detect possible arcs in defective electrical equipment and it is statistically proven that arcs in electrical systems are among the most frequent causes of fire.

If you sleep on board your boat or caravan, and at the same time run chargers, fan heaters or cooling devices, you should use this innovative and compact shore power unit for an all-round safe AC power supply and to avoid possible fires caused by electrical equipment in the on-board AC network!

Many experienced electricians in our customer base already swear by this innovation. Frank S. has the following to say about the shore connection unit with AFDD:

"Congratulations, ypu guys are the first to offer this clever fire protection technology for boats!

I know these relatively new fire protection switches from the electrical installation sector very well. An innovation for electricians.
The devices monitor separately fused 230V circuits for unintentional electrical interruptions, e.g. due to wire breakage, crushed wires or loose terminal connections or defective device switches. It can even detect "hissing" socket distributors and, in the event of a dangerous arcing fault, it will shut down before a fire breaks out.
Why there is so little said about this is beyond me. As an alternative to fixed installation on a boat, the technology can also be installed in a mobile plug adapter housing between the shore connection and the on-board power supply plug.

Find out more about the safety benefits for you and think about buying an innovative shore connection that saves lives. Our experts will also be happy to answer any questions you may have by telephone or by e-mail to