Quality rigging made in Brunswick, Germany. Seilflechter produces DIN EN ISO 9001 certified rigging and a wide variety of water sports accessories. What began as a hemp rope production firm in 1755, has grown into a modern business with 65 employees. This family-run business is now in its 9th generation and although the production of hemp ropes has declined over the years, it has been replaced by modern fibers in order to produce high-performance rigging solutions. more information
Manual Signal Horn
Product image of SEILFLECHTER Manual Signal Horn
SEILFLECHTER Manual Signal Horn
9.70 EUR only €10.03
Rubber Mooring Compensator
Product image of SEILFLECHTER Rubber Mooring Compensator
SEILFLECHTER Rubber Mooring Compensator
9.70 EUR only €10.03
3-strand Polyester Line
Product image of SEILFLECHTER 3-strand Polyester Line
SEILFLECHTER 3-strand Polyester Line
77.93 EUR from €80.62
SHARKY Rope Cleat
Product image of SEILFLECHTER SHARKY Rope Cleat
3.85 EUR from €3.98
The philosophy is simple - everything from a single source with "Made in Germany" quality. All the products down to custom-made rigging solutions are manufactured according to the customer's specific needs. Every day, nearly 140,000 m of rope is produced for sheets, halyards and mooring lines, which are then used in nearly every conceivable area of application, although most of these are used in the yachting industry. Seilflechter rigging is used in regattas and world championship racing and has even managed to reach the Olympics as well.

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