No risk no fun. But good equipment minimizes the risk immensely. Always looking for the next level of safety, Seago Yachting Ltd. develops lifejackets, life rafts and accessories for your safety at sea. Learn more about SEAGO...
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- What is a life raft for? -

SVB offers Seago life rafts in various designs (certified according to ISO 9650-1 / ISO 9650-1 CH / ISO 9650-1 FR / ISO 9650-2), packaged at your request in a container or in a carrying bag. For storage on deck or on the railing, we recommend a sturdy life raft holder that releases the container with the life raft in case of emergency by means of a quick-release fastener. SVB is a certified service station for Seago life rafts and lifejackets. Only regular maintenance guarantees the proper function of your safety equipment in an emergency.