​SANIMARIN - Onboard hygiene, Made in France
In 1958, the French company SFA revolutionised the market in sanitary equipment by developing and applying for a patent for the electrical macerator toilet. Sanibroy lifting pumps allow the user to install toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and laundries anywhere at home, even below the waste water drain. The SANIMARIN SFA marine division was created according to the motto "Bathroom & toilet, no matter where" and has long been the benchmark for automatic on-board toilets.

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Comfortable on-board hygiene

- The first quiet on-board toilet -

A SANIMARIN on-board toilet provides the same comfort you are used to from sanitary equipment on the mainland. Not only that, it also runs quietly and has low power consumption. Thanks to its small size, the Sanimarin 31 series can even be fitted in the most confined of spaces and, with regular use for 4 people, only consumes around 1% of the daily on-board energy requirements. SVB supplies the compact SANIMARIN 31 and spare parts, the low-noise SANIMARIN 35 with electric valve or seawater pump and the SANIMARIN Comfort or SANIMARIN Comfort Plus on-board toilet in a 12/24 volt version in many different designs.