In 1974, C.S. Yang and his brother founded the company Sangean Enterprise, following experience in air communications gained during a military mission in Japan. Building on previous knowledge in electrical radio devices, he made it his goal to improve the concept of radio in its entirety. Today, all production and work processes continue to take place at local branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, the USA and the Netherlands. Sangean now specialises in the production of all types of radio, from compact shower radios, to alarm clock radios, as well as portable radios, robust building site radios, table-top radios with smartphone docking stations and multi-room systems. Learn more about SANGEAN...
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Communication for mariners

- SANGEAN world band radios -

At SVB we have a small selection of SANGEAN world band radios. World band radios seem to be less appreciated on board nowadays, having long since been replaced by modern display units. However, such a device can easily receive a wide range of international radio stations in addition to FM radio waves, and they are more energy efficient than virtually any other equipment.