ROTWEISS has been dedicated to the care of premium vehicles for over 80 years: sports cars, vintage cars, motorcycles, motorboats, yachts, mobile homes and caravans. Vehicles whose owners want to showcase them in the best possible way and help them keep their value for a long time. Whether you would like to take care of your vehicles yourself or have them looked after by a professional, ROTWEISS care products are designed for such demanding users. Accordingly, ROTWEISS products are only sold through selected specialist stores and workshops. In the SVB online shop you can find ROTWEISS care products for the treatment of motorboats and sailing yachts as well as accessories for cleaning, polishing and sealing boat surfaces.
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ROT WEISS care products for boats

- Why should I polish my boat? -

Typical vehicle surfaces are painted sheet metal or gelcoat layers on GRP boats. If they are not maintained, they weather over the season. With ROTWEISS care products you can restore and protect your boat surfaces. The usual care process can be broken down into three steps:

Cleaning - Polishing - Sealing

Cleaning: A thorough removal of dirt is the starting point so that no dirt is polished in or sealed during further treatment.

Polishing: Provides the desired degree of gloss or matting of the boat surfaces.

Sealing: Permanent protection of the cleaned / polished surfaces. Some sealants also improve colour depth and brilliance.

Most care products can be divided into these three categories. In addition, there are combination products, such as ROTWEISS High Gloss Polish (SVB No. 63002), which combines several work steps into one. With undamaged surfaces, a very good result can also be achieved without a great deal of time and effort.