In 1957, Koblenz pump manufacturer RHEINSTROM started the production and worldwide distribution of high-quality pumps, pump systems and accessories for maritime use. Seawater-resistant materials such as gunmetal, stainless steel and aluminium form the basis of RHEINSTROM fresh water pumps, bilge pumps, grey water pumps, waste pumps or fuel pumps, which is why the company can confidently offer a product lifetime of over 20 years. Learn more about RHEINSTROM...
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Rheinstrom type F waste pump

- What makes a Rheinstrom pump special? -

Replacing a waste pump is not a pleasant experience, even if there is no way of avoiding it with some models. The team at Rheinstrom knows that and considers it carefully before production of a pump begins. A great deal of their own experience and that of their customers is channelled into the manufacturing process and, together with high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship, almost indestructible pumps are created.

At SVB, you can purchase type F waste pumps from Rheinstrom, especially suitable for pumping out a full sewage tank. This model is not intended for continuous operation, however.