Scratches, scoring, cracking, breakage, squeaking, creaking, corrosion protection, paint damage or paint care - at SVB you are guaranteed to find the right Presto product. Their products together with the DUPLI-COLOR spray paints form a comprehensive repair system and provide the user with an assortment of paint preparation, underbody protection, cleaning, protectioncare as well as painting products. These are not only suitable for boat and motor vehicle use, but also for repairs and care around the house and yard. Presto is a trademark of the MOTIP DUPLI Group, the market leader in spray paint (DUPLI-COLOR), with locations throughout Europe. Learn more about PRESTO...

Don't give rust a chance

- Preventing is better than dealing with a problem -

Presto rust converter effectively combats existing rust spots. Many of our customers already swear by this major manufacturer and its products which are designed to prevent oxidation.

However, the correct rust prevention on board your boat is even more important, achievable thanks to Presto Bob rust primer and rust sealer. Prevents annoying rust stains and saves you valuable free time.