In the beginning there was light! The PETROMAX is the oldest power lantern in the world. It was developed in 1910 by Max Graetz, a Berlin local. Since Graetz's nickname among friends was Petroleum-Maxe, the name PETROMAX for his petroleum lamp seemed natural. The functional principle has not changed to this date. The lamps are still assembled by hand - an example of their tradition and quality. PETROMAX lights enjoy great popularity thanks to their bright shine and striking appearance. In addition to the classic PETROMAX 500HK lamp in chrome or brass, SVB also carries accessories and spare parts. Learn more about PETROMAX...

The world of PETROMAX

- In the beginning there was light! -

In addition to lights, PETROMAX also offers other products for outdoor fans including for the areas fire, barbecue and outdoor cooking as well as Bushcraft & Survival. Even today, Petromax classics such as the HK500 are still appreciated for their elegance and convince with outstanding functionality and long service life.

SVB's tip for a tasty cup of tea on board

PERKOMAX tea & coffee percolator
With the PERKOMAX percolator you can easily prepare a great cup of coffee or tea. Make up to 9 cups of your favourite hot drink in the 1.5 liter enameled steel jug. The PERKOMAX can be used on all kinds of stoves and is ideal for a coffee break on board, while camping and outdoors.