PELA for easy oil extraction. PELA are true specialists for manually operated vacuum pumps. Changing your oil is now a lot quicker and cleaner than before, for example, with the affordable, but powerful PELA 6000, their bestseller. Just by pumping for a short while you create a powerful vacuum and can suck old oil from the engine into a safe and clean container. Of course, SVB also offers spare parts, like sealings, washers or replacement hoses for PELA pumps.

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For around 10 years PELA has been making fluid removal easier and cleaner, which is also good for the environment. Even better than PL-6000 and PL-2000 (with 6 and 2 liters of capacity respectively) and intended more for professional use is the series BIG PELA, e.g. the PL-650 and the PL-400 which are maintenance free and equipped with calibrated walls and a built-in float switch which will stop the extraction once its maximum capacity is reached.