Lights on! It started with a light bulb ... In 1906, OSRAM was registered as a trademark in Berlin at the Imperial Patent Office. Nowadays, the OSRAM Group can look back on more than 100 years of success. Their core business consists of innovative lighting solutions for industry, automotive needs, architecture, consumer electronics and the household. Learn more about OSRAM...
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On-board lights from the experts

- OSRAM lighting for boats -

In 1954, the company's headquarters moved from Berlin to Munich. Subject to times of constant change, new lighting solutions are continuously developed under the brand name OSRAM - from conventional incandescent lights to gas-discharge lights, LED lights to lasers and modern sensor technology. Over the years, OSRAM has increasingly expanded its expertise from a light manufacturer to a provider of forward-looking lighting technologies with novel applications ranging from the visible to the non-visible light spectrum. The possible applications and further development of new technologies are virtually unlimited. An average of two patents per day are registered by OSRAM, who is on the way to becoming a leading technology group