The OMNIA SWEDEN stove top oven transforms even the smallest pantry into a capable kitchen. The smart Swedish oven uses your existing hob, is extremely lightweight, saves energy and is easy to use. It's no wonder that this versatile stove top cooker has achieved cult status among campers and sailors. Want to buy an OMNIA? SVB stocks the popular portable oven as well as matching OMNIA accessories. Learn more about OMNIA...


Without doubt, OMNIASWEDEN, or OMNIA for short, has somewhat of a cult following in the camping and boating sector. The small stovetop oven has inspired sailors, campers and outdoor enthusiasts for decades, bringing a touch of luxury to minimalist living. Freshly baked bread in the morning, warm cake with coffee and pizza fresh from the oven in the evening, the OMNI oven does it all. The camping stove top oven with distinctive red lid has made history. Yet exactly when the clever oven was developed is somewhat of a mystery. 

What is known, however, is that the OMNIA oven and accessories have been produced and sold by the Koala Marketing Company based in Malmö, Sweden since 2006. No one is quite sure when the Omnia first saw the light of day. And there are a few different legends about how the idea was conceived and realised which go back to the 1940s, and probably even earlier. The OMNIA is not only popular in its Scandinavian homeland, it inspires people with a passion for cooking on trips around the world. This is due to its simple but intelligent design, which has changed little over the past few decades. It wasn't until the 1970s that the manufacturer at the time, Optimus, increased the size of the Omnia pan by 25% and changed the lid from blue to the now familiar red. 

What is an OMNIA oven?

OMNIA SWEDEN promises maximum baking pleasure in minimalistic conditions. Weighing in at just 500 grams, this portable lightweight can easily compete with its heavyweight rivals in creating delicious treats to eat. This is down to a product that is as simple as it is robust. 

The OMNIA stove top oven features three parts that work together to provide heat from above and below. The lower part of the OMNIA is a bowl-shaped stainless steel base with a hole in the middle. The round OMNIA Pan, a specially designed circular container, also with a hole in the middle, is placed above the base. This creates a double base and a space that fills with hot air, providing heat around the bottom of the Omnia Pan. The hot air rises through the holes in the base and the Omnia Pan, hits the lid and thus provides heat from the top. There are also ventilation holes in the lid. On your marks, get set, bake! 

The OMNIA stovetop oven, which is supplied in a practical carrying bag, can be used even in the smallest of spaces and is therefore particularly suitable for boats and yachts that do not have an oven installed. The special thing about the OMNIA is that the stove top camping oven can not only be used on all open flames, i.e. on gas, petroleum or spirit stoves, but also on other heat sources, including barbecues or small campfires. The only exception is induction stoves, where OMNIA will not work. On ceramic hobs, make sure you choose the version with the stainless steel base. The enamelled black base can scratch ceramic hobs. 

Since the OMNIA, like many camping items, is made of aluminium, it is not only extremely light, it also requires very little energy to develop its full capabilities. Fast cooking and baking is guaranteed. Furthermore, the oven can be cleaned quickly and easily.

A wide range of accessories is available to use with your OMNIA and make cooking with it even more enjoyable. OMNIA accessories range from a practical and simple silicone mould, a special muffin ring, the matching OMNIA thermometer, a large aluminium baking pan, an oven rack to a bamboo trivet and hard shell case for maximum protection when travelling.

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