OLIGHT follow a simple goal: For you to always have an OLIGHT torch close at hand. Because they believe that no-one should be kept in the dark! Believe in the quality of OLIGHT products that have been created with care in every detail, from brightness, ergonomics, size, weight and running time. Master the night and sail with an OLIGHT torch. Learn more about OLIGHT...
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OLIGHT high-tech torches

- What kind of torch do I need on board? -

OLIGHT is a global technology company with a team of experts looking to get the best out of every torch. The OLIGHT team comprises adventurers, sportsmen and designers. Each product is representative of the high quality, design and functionality standards set by the company.

Since the start of the boom in the torch industry, OLIGHT has always focused on the production of individual torches. Their products are tailored to meet the needs of customers while matching high standards of quality. The “M” series has made a step forward on the torches market and has contributed to the reputation of the brand. That success does not stop OLIGHT moving forward in research of new technologies and innovative ideas. Their product range is in constant growth.

New at SVB: The OLIGHT JAVELOT PRO next generation torch! More luminosity and a more compact size are just two of the features that make this torch an absolute must-have on board. This torch is the first of its kind that can be charged via a magnetic micro-USB port, for next level convenience. With a maximum output of 2100 lumens, enough to enjoy a long evening on board.

OLIGHT believe in their products! Give the OLIGHT torches a try yourself. Give us a call on +49 421 57290 0 or write us an email: info@svb.de. We are happy to advise you!