Founded in 1987 by Oliver Leu in Heiligenhafen, Germany, the company DOYLE / O'LEU looks back on a long tradition as a sailmaking company. Characterised by steady growth, expansion in product range and a merger, the company now consists of more than 70 sailmakers worldwide, a production facility in Sri Lanka and experienced professional sailmakers and designers. The company produces not only everything related to your sails, but also takes care of the tailor-made production of tarpaulins and awnings for your ship. In 2005, the companies O'LEU and DOYLE from Massachusetts, US, joined forces and with Robbie Doyle, the founder of DOYLE, and chief designer Richard Bouzaid, they gained a breadth of knowledge in sail design. Both possess professional experience in designing sails for racing teams of the America's Cup, the Volvo Ocean Race and club racer. Learn more about OLEU WATERSPORTS...

Sails and tarpaulins by OLEU

- Makes the sailor's heart beat faster -

The name DOYLE / O'LEU stands for many years of experience in sail production where all sails are tested and examined by sailors and sailmakers on board in order to optimize them for you. From racing sails (Close reach: Cross Cut, Triradial, Stratis or Downwind: spinnaker and gennaker) and cruising sails to tailored covers and service (repairs, rigging, etc.), the company DOYLE / O'LEU offers everything related to your sail.

SVB and DOYLE / O'LEU look back at many years of cooperation. SVB will gladly provide professional advice on O'LEU products and assist you with all your technical questions!