Ocean Signal® specialises in the development and manufacture of advanced communication and safety products for the marine market. Together with the partnered ACR Group, they employ over 250 people, mainly in Great Britain. Learn more about OCEAN SIGNAL...

A feeling of safety on board

- A product you can rely on -

Ocean Signal’s rescueME range of safety products provides both recreational and commercial mariners with easy to use, compact and affordable life-saving solutions.

With one of the most experienced research and development teams in marine communications, Ocean Signal has built a reputation for bringing an innovative and ground-breaking approach to its products, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability.

Ocean Signal rescueME safety products offer life-saving communication solutions, regardless of your activity or location. Whether sailing on inshore waters or conquering the high seas, trekking alone or as part of an expedition, or working in remote regions, you will find the right distress beacon for you. rescueME offers you peace of mind and rapid deployment of appropriate assistance should you find yourself in a life threatening situation.