NUTEAK synthetic teak has the same warm charm as real teak wood - at an unbeatable price. Thanks to innovative research, NUTEAK is extremely robust, weatherproof, easy to care for and non-slip. A premium product from the USA, NUTEAK synthetic teak decking is already being used on cruise ships and luxury yachts and will enhance and refine your yacht flooring too. Want to buy NUTEAK boat decking? SVB has a wide selection of synthetic teak boards to help you realise your boat flooring ideas. Learn more about NUTEAK... Go to video...

Who and what is NUTEAK?

NUTEAK looks and feels like real teak, but is based on a synthetic material specially developed for boats and yachts. Visually, this marine teak decking is the most authentic natural teak look available, and it's hard to tell the difference!

NUTEAK is a product of ICA Group. Founded in Montreal in 1986, a family owned and operated company of enthusiastic sailors, which now operates out of Florida. With a passion for sailing, the people at NUTEAK (also known as NU TEAK) have invested several years into research and development to remain at the forefront of PVC extrusion technology and create the best that synthetic teak has to offer, as well as other products for the marine industry. The aim was to develop a synthetic deck covering that is in no way inferior to real teak while remaining cost-effective for boat owners, not only in terms of purchase cost but also in terms of care and maintenance.

NUTEAK's goal is to develop the best synthetic teak, i.e. the best teak-look PVC boat flooring, at an unbeatable price. Innovation doesn't have to be expensive.

Already market leaders in the USA, their loyal customers include shipping companies with cruise ships and luxury yacht owners. NUTEAK has also been used in the VIP section of the Hard Rock Miami stadium and even as flooring in a helicopter.

NUTEAK's synthetic decking combines all the advantages of a modern product with the classic aesthetic look of a marine teak flooring. That's why NUTEAK is the perfect plastic alternative to traditional teak. NUTEAK is easy to install, easy to clean and requires less maintenance than real teak. NUTEAK is also extremely non-slip, whether wet or dry. It does not fade and has a very long life. The synthetic teak is also naturally anti fungal, which means that your NUTEAK PVC boat deck is protected against fungal attack and spores, and does not absorb dirt or dust, which makes maintenance so easy.

Why NUTEAK boat teak instead of real teak?

A teak boat deck stands for maritime charm like no other material. It exudes warmth and style. But real teak also has disadvantages. On the one hand, there is the ongoing debate about cutting down the precious and rare wood, and on the other, the question of how to care for it. Teak wood is sensitive, needs a great deal of care and attention, which consumes time and money. Real wood and wood laminates are highly sensitive to the effects of sun and salt in particular. Not good for use on the high seas. With insufficient care, teak suffers greatly. It will chip, fade and peel. Not a pretty sight.

NUTEAK is different. Its manufacturer promises the most advanced synthetic teak profile available on the world market. And it's not even expensive. NUTEAK is cheaper to buy than a conventional teak deck and cheaper to maintain. Years of development by the PVC experts have resulted in a material that can withstand the rigours of the marine environment. NUTEAK is completely weather and UV resistant, does not fade and has a special surface structure that makes it extremely slip-resistant even when wet, helping to keep you safe onboard.

The composite boat decking is suitable for all types of sports boats, from small cruisers to luxurious mega yachts, sailing or motor boats, monohulls or twin hulls, for cruising or racing. NUTEAK is not only extremely durable, it is also significantly lighter than conventional teak.

Synthetic teak, also known as plastic teak, also has various advantages over wood. Firstly, it's much easier to install and maintain. Once installed, the time and effort required for maintenance and upkeep is much less than with conventional teak. This is due to its special structure, which not only protects against fungal attack, spores and mould, but also prevents dirt and dust particles from settling in the material. At the same time, NUTEAK can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner without causing any damage. Two to three pressure washes a year are enough to keep NUTEAK looking as fresh and new as the day it was made. All without the need for sweaty sanding, sealing and varnishing. This makes NUTEAK much more durable than real wood. The manufacturer gives its word - and a 20-year guarantee. This makes NUTEAK yacht decking a good and economical choice for your deck.

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