NOVITEC, the inventor of the Megapulse Battery Refresher
The experts in energy management from Saarbrücken offer complete solutions for battery care, regeneration and maintenance including emergency start with professional launchers. The company founder and industrial engineer Klaus Ernst Krüger earned his fame with the Megapulse battery pulser, which allows you to significantly extend the life of your starter battery. Batteries that are believed to be dead but are mostly damaged by sulfation are reconditioned again with the help of the Megapulse. This is not only environmentally- but also budget-friendly! The battery pulser is available as 12V, 24V and as a special 12V marine version with an active battery voltage of 13.6V and is suitable for all lead, gel or AGM batteries. In addition to the Megapulse, SVB's online shop also carries battery testers and battery chargers.