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Would you like to buy a handy digital weather receiver (NAVTEX) for your boat? If so, the Hamburg-based company Mörer has the ideal device for you with its weather infobox series! Receive DWD sea weather reports in German or English, get NAVTEX national on 490 kHz in local language and NAVTEX international on 518 kHz in English. In addition to the usual weather reports, the DWD sends encrypted weather data from fixed weather stations and ships. The PC software for the Mörer Weather Infobox WIB4S can decode these and display them optically as wind arrows, pressure or temperature data. SVB stocks the Weather Infobox WIB2, Weather Infobox WIB2D, Weather Infobox WIB3S and Weather Infobox WIB4S and suitable active antennas or indoor antennas. Software updates and device drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website:
Weather Infobox WIB2D
Product image of MOERER Weather Infobox WIB2D
MOERER Weather Infobox WIB2D
419.11 EUR only €433.56
Weather Infobox WIB3S / WIB4S
Product image of MOERER Weather Infobox WIB3S / WIB4S
MOERER Weather Infobox WIB3S / WIB4S
536.08 EUR from €554.57
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