Save energy with LOPOLIGHT LED navigation lights! These modern LED boating navigation lights consume as much as 90% less energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. LOPOLIGHT is the leading manufacturer in the development of intelligent systems for the control and monitoring of LED boat lights. SVB offers a wide selection of innovative LED navigation lights as well as classified products for different boat lengths and boat types. Learn more about LOPOLIGHT...
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Peter Henrik Hancke had a clear goal in mind when he built his first prototype for a combined LED stern/side light: Even after countless knots at sea and constant use of the navigation lights, there should always be enough battery power to start the engine. Jan Møller, today his business partner, had himself developed his own LED navigation lights that were able to withstand continous operation under the harshest conditions while sailing around the globe, and together the two founded the company LOPOLIGHT together in 2014. The first innovative products were initially intended for use on sailing boats and motor yachts. Today, LOPOLIGHT products are even used in specialist shipbuilding and marine yachts. 

Innovative exterior lighting with LOPOLIGHT LED light technology

LOPOLIGHT navigation lights consume as much as 90% less energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs - and have a service life of more than 50,000 hours! These lights not only look elegant, they feature a lightweight, robust aluminium housing with IP68+ standard waterproof protection of the LED technology and integrated marine electrics.

LOPOLIGHT LED Lights for Boats

- Improving safety on board step by step -

Over the past few years, LOPOLIGHT has continued to expand and improve its range of navigation lights, position lights, bi-colour lights, starboard lights, anchor lights, stern lights, port lights, remote control lights and more. Their products feature lightweight and compact aluminium housings and are classified for different boat lengths and types. SVB offers LED lighting for boats up to 12 m and LED lighting for boats 12 - 20 m.

Safety on board - around the clock!

A boat's navigation lights are one of the most important things in preventing collisions in low light or at night. You want to be seen? You can rely on LOPOLIGHT navigation lights. Enjoy a more relaxed time on board. All position lights are BSH approved, wheelmark and marine certified, with the exception of a few special lights.