JONBUOY is a brand of OCEAN SAFETY, the British specialists in safety at sea. JONBUOY rescue modules are made to the highest quality standards and incorporate the latest technology. They are simple to install on board and feature a durable, modern design. Want to buy JONBUOY safety equipment? At SVB we have a range of life-saving equipment such as the innovative JONBUOY RECOVERY MODULE MK5 GLO-LITE Marker Buoy. Learn more about JONBUOY...

Who are JONBUOY?

Man overboard! That's the last thing any sailor wants to shout or hear at sea. In an emergency, the skipper and crew must know what to do and it is vital that they are provided with the best possible rescue and recovery equipment on board. This is where JONBUOY comes in. The British company from OCEAN SAFETY specialises in the rescue and recovery of casualties at sea.

Drawing on years of experience, constant research and customer feedback, they have developed the JONBUOY RECOVERY MODULE, the JONBUOY MK5. The major challenge in the event of an MOB (a man overboard scenario) is not only locating the casualty via a marker buoy but also recovering and getting them safely back on board. Every second counts in an emergency, especially if the casualty is injured. If you stay in the water for too long, you risk hypothermia, dwindling strength, and drowning. To prevent this, JONBUOY has developed the best possible rescue and recovery module for recreational boats - the JONBUOY Recovery Module. The system complies with the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations and is also recommended to participants in the annual Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC).

At the heart of all OCEAN SAFETY JONBUOY products is the aim to make the rescue of a casualty from the water easier and to provide the safest solution even in the most adverse conditions. “We are continually innovating to ensure we offer the best safety options on the market,” says OCEAN SAFETY's managing director, Alistair Hackett.

SVB has the innovative JONBUOY RECOVERY MODULE MK5 GLO-LITE in a white container and the JONBUOY RECOVERY MODULE MK5 GLO-LITE in a black container for dangerous man-overboard manoeuvres in stock.


The JONBUOY Recovery Module JONBUOY MK5 is a 3-in-1 rescue solution. It combines a marker buoy, life belt and rescue sling in one. Locating and ensuring the safety of an MOB in rough seas is hard enough, but getting them back on board poses a further challenge. This is further exacerbated by high waves, injuries and the dwindling strength of the casualty due to hypothermia.

JONBUOY rescue equipment, such as the RECOVERY MODULE rescue danbuoy, has been specially designed to facilitate the recovery of a person who has gone overboard, while increasing the visibility and buoyancy of the casualty. The risk of hypothermia is reduced, as the casualty is able to pull themselves out of the water onto the module.

In an emergency MOB situation, the rescue module, which is mounted in a slim container at the stern of the boat, is dropped into the water. The module inflates within seconds, allowing the casualty to reach the small platform and board the module via the low freeboard. The fluorescent yellow rescue module is made of highly reflective high-vis polyester and has a high-mounted red flag, ensuring maximum visibility even in severe weather conditions. A bright flashing light also makes it easier to locate at night. The large ballast pocket and added keel weight provide greater stability and less drift. The JONBUOY MK5 is also provided with an attachment point for an optional AIS, a five-metre throw line and a lifting device for rescuing the casualty. A spare halyard, spinnaker or genoa together with a handy billy arrangement can be used to hoist the MOB together with the rescue module on board - even by just one person. This is especially important with small crews.

After use, the rescue module can be repackaged and the CO₂ cartridge replaced, ready for deployment in the event of an MOB!

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Looking for the necessary equipment for improved safety on board? OCEAN SAFETY, the umbrella brand of JONBUOY, with 20 years experience in recreational boating, is considered one of the most renowned experts in safety at sea - worldwide! Their expert team is committed to keeping you safe on the water, representing some of the world’s leading safety and survival brands. These include, for example, products from brands such as ECHOMAX, marine radios, AIS devices and SSB radios from ICOM, as well as electronic signal lights from OCEAN SIGNAL.