Get rid of microbial contamination in your Diesel tank with grotamar® 82 from Schülke & Mayr
Schülke & Mayr was founded in Hamburg in 1889 by Rudolf Schülke and Julius Mayr. The company's success was based on the world's first brand disinfectant lysol, whose use in 1892 led to the victory over the cholera epidemic in Hamburg. In 1913, the company launched Sagrotan, the first brand of disinfectant for private use. Brand biocides followed for industrial use, one of them is grotamar 82 to protect against the so-called Diesel bug. Learn more about GROTAMAR...

An engine failure, contamination inside the tank or a clogged fuel filter can often be caused by the so-called Diesel bug, an infestation of fuel with yeasts, fungi and bacteria. Especially tank systems with low throughput or long retention times, such as on motor boats and yachts and in agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles are at risk. Grotamar 82 reliably protects your diesel fuel and at the same time extends its durability.

The biocidal additive can be added both as a preventive measure to avoid infestation with diesel algae, as well as in already infested tank. A shock dose provides a remedy. When added, Grotamar 82 automatically mixes with your fuel and additionally protects steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals against corrosion and prevents premature oil aging.

How do you quickly and reliably test whether your tank has already been contaminated with algae?

Take a sample and analyze it with the microcount fuel test kit. The kit contains everything you need and documents how to proceed. After the prescribed waiting period, you will have certainty regarding your diesel tank.