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For decades, FURUNO has been building an excellent reputation for itself as a manufacturer of innovative marine electronics within the sectors of nautical navigation and communications in commercial shipping, fishing, marine research and water sports. This Japanese brand, which has been based in Germany since 2005, is synonymous with quality and reliability worldwide. Additionally, they provide users with a complex service network, which offers the end-user with speedy support everywhere. At SVB, we offer many FURUNO products, including: radar units, GPS devices, chartplotters and weather receivers.

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FURUNO WLAN radar sensor DRS4W - Discover now

Wireless radar on iPhone or an iPad

Instead of a complex chart plotter, the FURUNO wireless radar only requires an iPhone or iPad to display radar images. This conventional radar antenna with 4 kW transmitting power has a special module that transforms radar signals into WiFi data sets. These can then be displayed on a total of two Apple devices. In order to do this, the FURUNO Radar App must first be downloaded. It combines the familiar basic configuration options of a conventional radar with the intuitive use of iPhone and iPad. This makes using radar and its abstract images a popular thing to do, meaning even inexperienced crew members are motivated to "play around" sensibly with it.

Always on the cutting edge of technology - Innovations within in the field of radar technology. In 2014, FURUNO released the world's first WiFi radar system - the DRS4W Radar Sensor. Thanks to a special module, it is possible to transfer wireless images directly to up to two Apple devices (iPhone or iPad) via WiFi. 'Radar to go' can be operated from different locations at any time, in a radius of 10m. A further advantage of this technology is that an extra display isn't required, which makes this system particularily attractive for its purchase price. If you opt for FURUNO technology on board of your vessel, you will have a wide selection of innovations and new products to choose from. FURUNO demonstrates this by the numerous awards they have received from the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA). Got any further questions? - Give the SVB electronics experts a call. We are always more than happy to help!