Bed systems for boats, bunks and caravans
FROLI's main area of expertise is in technical plastic products, such as ergonomic spring elements for bed systems, with which FROLI has revolutionised the bed market since 1993. FROLI has also specialised in bed systems for boats, bunks and caravans in its range since 2001. FROLI TRAVEL is a retrofittable sleeping system which has been specially designed for low heights, slopes, curves or angles. Individual spring elements are clipped together to form a slat base with different hardness zones. The elements can be clipped together with narrow, medium or wide spacing in order to realise individual dimensions. The open, air-permeable system also ensures good ventilation of the mattress. The basic package with 106 parts and various extension packages are available from the SVB online shop for water sports accessories. Learn more about FROLI...

Sleep well

- At home and when travelling -

In 1962 inventor and company founder Heinrich Fromme registered a business and began producing and distributing plastic windows. Ten years later, the production of moulded polyurethane parts for furniture construction began. More and more production processes were subsequently added. In 1993, the FROLI bed system was brought to market, replacing the classic wooden slatted frame with flexible plastic spring elements. To this day, this sleep system has had great commercial success and is constantly further developed. FROLI produces in Germany near Bielefeld at Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock and is no stranger to environmentally and health-conscious processing and production - also in the choice of materials. Since 2014 FROLI has been listed among the TOP 100 most innovative German medium-sized companies.

The Froli bed system has become a classic on board in recent years and many can no longer imagine life without it. Start your own journey with the Froli basic package and expand with additional packages if required. It's fun trying out different combinations and in the end you'll find that the quality of your sleep has increased significantly.