High-performance plate anchors from Florida
FORTRESS anchors have become well established around the world since 1986. The high performance anchors (Made in USA) are made of a high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminium-magnesium alloy, are sharp and can penetrate most seabeds faster and deeper than larger and considerably heavier conventional steel anchors.
In tests by the US Navy, FORTRESS plate anchors not only outperformed much heavier steel anchors, they were also able to withstand tensile loads that averaged 200 times their own weight without taking any damage themselves. Buy the right sized FORTRESS anchor for your boat from SVB: for example type FX-23 weighing just under 7 kg, suitable for boats from 12 to 14m.   Learn more about FORTRESS...
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Your boat under control

- What makes FORTRESS anchors special? -

- High-strength, lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminium-magnesium alloy
- Excellent holding power thanks to the adjustable setting angle: 32 ° for sand, mud or clay floors; 45 ° for soft muddy beds
- Can be dismantled: save space and store for use as a replacement or storm anchor
- Lifetime spare parts guarantee