The original FORSHEDA mooring compensator protects boat, line and jetty at the same time! Forsheda mooring compensators are made of EPDM rubber (ethylene-propylene-diene rubber). This is a rubber with the highest resistance to sunlight, salt water and ozone and is therefore ideal for use in the boating industry. EPDM rubber also does not fade and lose colour.

By varying the turns of the mooring line, the stretching of the mooring compensator can be adapted to the conditions of your berth and swinging movements of the jetty can be compensated. Learn more about FORSHEDA...
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Flexible on board

- Absorb jolts & protect your boat -

The FORSHEDA mooring compensator can be ordered in the SVB online shop in 4 different sizes:

- For rope diameters of 8 - 12 mm (SVB no. 11393)
- For rope diameters of 14 - 16 mm (SVB no. 11394)
- For rope diameters of 18 - 20 mm (SVB no. 11395)
- For rope diameters of 22 - 24 mm (SVB no. 11390)