In 1902 Hermann Nier, originally from the Ore Mountains in Saxony, set up his own hurricane lantern factory "Hermann Nier Feuerhandwerk" and registered a patent for lantern production by means of folding and stamping techniques with dipping that same year. In 1914 the trademark “Feuerhand” became the official trademark for all Nier products, and production of the legendary „Made in Germany“ small hurricane lanterns – the Baby series – with fireproof borosilicate glass (JENAer Glas) from the Schott company from Jena started in 1933. Learn more about FEUERHAND...

Feuerhand kerosene lanterns

- A factory of tradition -

After World War II, the Nier family was expropriated and fled to the West. However, the brand name Feuerhand remained, and production began again in 1949 in Hohenlockstedt, Schleswig-Holstein. The Baby Special 276 petrolium lantern quickly became a cult model. At SVB it is available in galvanized red and blue. It is still produced in Hohenlockstedt and proudly bears the title "Made in Germany". Feuerhand has been part of the Petromax Group since autumn 2014.

Petroleum lanterns by Feuerhand still represent a sign of quality today and are very popular in marine applications, as many alternatives simply cannot be considered due to the conditions on board. Feuerhand petroleum lanterns are extremely reliable, robust, long-lasting and highly affordable, not only on the strength of our experience but also on that of our customers.

The benefits of a good petroleum lamp are most evident when there is an unexpected power failure, your torch has run out of power or has been left at home or even just in everyday on-board use to minimise more artificial light sources. The optical atmosphere created by a handheld lantern is still a reason for many of our customers to buy Feuerhand products.