ENGEL refrigerators are perfectly designed to meet high standards and work in tough conditions such as sailing with extreme heel or driving off-road. The advantage: ENGEL coolboxes are equipped with a mobile oscillating compressor, which easily masters angles of more than 30° and therefore does not rely on a fixed or even surface. There are almost no limits to the areas of use: in addition to the mobile oscillating compressor coolers, ENGEL also produces refrigerators for boats, caravans, trucks and other off-road vehicles. Learn more about ENGEL...
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Cool without compromise

- Despite extreme conditions -

Since 1962, more than 5 million ENGEL refrigerators have been produced and sold around the world. ENGEL coolers have a good reputation, especially in regions where refrigerators have to perform in particularly adverse conditions. Their reliability, robustness and cooling capacity are particularly impressive. ENGEL is a trademark of Roega Technik Handels GmbH, 83395 Freilassing, Germany.