EFOY - enviromentally friendly fuel cell power generators for motor homes, sheds and boats. The space-saving, compact design of their fuel cells means that they can be easily installed anywhere. EFOY fuel cartridges feature a special safety lock and can be changed in seconds! Learn more about EFOY...
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EFOY fuel cells generate power on board and make you completely independent of the power grid. Perfect for use on boat trips and mobile homes, but also in garden sheds. 

Using state-of-the-art charging technology, the fuel cell switches on when the battery needs to be charged and switches off again when full. In this way, 12 V and 24 V batteries can be fully charged without issue.  

With its compact design, the fuel cell weighs only 6 kg, is 27.5 cm high and can be installed in a space-saving way. The EFOY fuel cell runs on fuel cartridges. These are filled with high purity methanol and secured with a safety lock, which allows you to change the fuel cartridges in seconds.

EFOY fuel cells can also be combined with solar modules. The fuel cell only turns on when solar energy fails, e.g. due to bad weather.

The fully automatic fuel cells require no maintenance, you only have to change the fuel cartridge when it's empty.