Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) aims to improve the safety of the vessel in unknown waters and remote areas by scanning and graphically displaying the seabed in front of the vessel. In 1992, Echopilot patented the world's first real-time Forward Looking Sonar. In 2012 they developed and patented the first 3D Forward Looking Sonar. Over the company's 40-year history, Echopilot has developed 45 different marine instruments and sold over 140,000 units worldwide. In 2017 they were taken over by the Danish company Daniamant. The pioneering 2D and 3D sonars expanded Daniamant's "Safe Sailing" segments. Learn more about ECHOPILOT...
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Go with foresight

- You too can see further in front -

Whether plastic or with bronze parts, Echopilot has a suitable echo sounder transducer for every boat material. Complete echo sounder sets have everything you need to experience the full range of precise digital and visual depth measurement and depth display on board with just one click. 

See what's happening and keep track of changes under water instead of relying on obscure numbers.

SVB offers the Echopilot FLS 2D Sonar with 7 inch colour display, matching sonar transducers, cables, extension cables and accessories.