The Dulon brand has been synonymous with highly efficient care and cleaning products for industry and households since 1988. The focus in production is on environmental compatibility and sustainability. Dulon Marine's boat care products are suitable for both private and professional use and provide the perfect solution for almost every care requirement. A good example being Dulon's boat care series 0 to 3, which you can buy in the SVB Shop in our Care, Polish & Wax category. Learn more about DULON...
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Three steps to success

- How do I clean my boat properly? -

Dulon 0 (Predulon degreaser) for removing light soiling caused by grease, oil or old wax or silicone layers. Second step: apply Dulon 1&2 (2-component polish). To do this, use the following procedure:
Apply Dulon 1 with a damp cloth/sponge in small circular movements. Allow the surface to dry until a white film has formed. DO NOT rub this film off, instead apply Dulon 2 directly with a damp cloth/sponge and similarly wait until a white film has built up. You can now rub with a dry, lint-free cloth or cleaning pad. The 2-component high-gloss protection system has now been activated!

With Dulon 1&2 2-component boat polish, you will achieve a long-lasting high-gloss coating that gives effective protection against UV light, for instance. The polish is easy to apply and can be used sparingly. The Dulon 1&2 set with 500 ml each is sufficient for a boat length of 10-15 metres.

Clean your boat occasionally with Dulon 3 (Wash & Wax Shampoo) for long-term care.