How was the practical DRY-BAG® dehumidifier for boats, holiday homes and mobile homes invented?
The Danish entrepreneur Anders Bendt founded a forwarding company in 1960 and quickly realised that the goods being loaded needed effective moisture protection. A worldwide search for a suitable drying agent was carried out and today DRY-BAG A/S is known worldwide as a manufacturer of the efficient and economical drying agent DRY-BAG®. Learn more about DRY BAG...
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The solution to excessive moisture

- "Dry Bags" to suit every budget -

DRY-BAG® is used worldwide by shipping companies and exporters to protect all goods against moisture. DRY-BAG A/S is headquartered in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark's largest trading port. The production plant and warehouse are just a stone's throw away from the container terminal. This ensures fast delivery to their global customer base. The handy 1 kilo DRY-BAG® moisture absorber is available in the SVB water sports boutique in Bremen or around the clock in the SVB online shop.