Digital Yacht develops navigation, communication and entertainment systems for the marine sector. The UK company's electronic products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Digital Yacht specialises in AIS, Internet and WiFi on board, NMEA interfaces and navigation sensors, such as GPS, wind measuring systems and compass sensors. Learn more about DIGITAL YACHT...
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Digitise your yacht

- All about boat electronics -

Digital Yacht has a product portfolio that includes AIS receivers, AIS transponders and AIS SART alarm transmitters for every type of ship.

Internet and WiFi on board
Digital Yacht develops 4G systems, high power WiFi and WiFi routers.

NMEA 0183 / NMEA 2000 interfaces
Digital Yacht's interface products are a practical and cost-effective solution for networking marine electronics with the latest smartphones, laptops and tablets. Both wired and wireless devices are available that can be used to transmit NMEA data to mobile devices.

Navigation sensors
GPS sensors, wind measurement systems with masthead transducers or compass sensors from Digital Yacht can be easily connected to a PC or navigation system via plug and play.