D-SPLICER is a reputable company that offers a selection of specialised rope splicing products. The company draws from its own rigging practice in the further development of its range, continuously searching for innovative solutions to the challenges that modern rope technology presents. In doing so, D-SPLICER has developed a number of products that are designed to enable sailors and riggers to perform their own high-quality rope splicing. Learn more about D-SPLICER...


D-SPLICER is one of the most reputable manufacturers of high-quality and innovative rope and rigging tools. The company was established in 2013 in the Netherlands and has since built a first class reputation for its high quality products. D SPLICER offers a diverse range of tools aimed at making working with ropes and rigging as easy and efficient as possible. In doing so, D-SPLICER caters to the needs of a wide range of customers, including sailors, boat owners and outdoor enthusiasts.

They are known worldwide for their high-quality products that offer outstanding functionality and excellent user-friendliness. All tools are made of high-quality materials and are built to last. As the development of fibers for ropes has taken off in the last decades, D-SPLICER understands that continuous innovation and development are required in order to offer the customer the best possible experience. To be able to guarantee the type of quality standards the company has set itself, D SPLICER works closely with sailors, boat owners and professional ropemakers. Customer feedback is actively incorporated into product development in order to implement further improvements and new solutions for specialised rope splicing products.

Why buy D-SPLICER rigging tools?

Dyneema rope is known for its exceptional strength and low stretch. Splicing it to make loops or connections requires the best tools that enable you to work precisely and efficiently. D-SPLICER offers you the right tools for professional splicing.

D-SPLICER's D16 proffesional scissors are designed for the precise cutting of fibres, without damaging the rope. Ideal for cutting strong fibres like Dyneema, you can cut the rope cleanly and evenly.

The D-SPLICER needle set comes with a number of needles with which you can open the rope precisely and easily and separate the individual fibres. Essential practice if you want to splice a rope precisely and professionally.

D SPLICER also offers ceramic knives such as the C20, an indispensable tool when splicing Dyneema rope. The knives are extremely sharp and will stay that way, making them perfect for cutting fibres with precision, without damaging or fraying the rope. Designed to give you clean and smooth cuts.

More splicing tools and helpful information

Do you enjoy the traditional art of splicing ropes and understand the importance of the right tools? Whatever splicing equipment you need or helpful, practical advice on rope splicing, it can be found on our site. Splicing a rope is the best way to make a rope connection that doesn't greatly affect the breaking load and a professional splice done by yourself costs significantly less. SVB offers you high-quality splicing equipment and tools for the perfect splice.