Portable sitting comfort with COMFORT seat. Would like to be able to sit comfortably anywhere, at any time? The seats by COMFORT seat make it all possible! No matter where you are, the flexible, portable seats will keep you feeling incredibly comfortable. There is no better way to benefit from quality cushions, which provide you with incredible comfort, on all surfaces. Their light weight make transport quick and easy. Thanks to a large selection of various colours and sizes, everyone will find what they are looking for. Their design is classic, yet beautiful in a minmalistic way - You can use them anywhere you go: On board, at the beach, while camping or in the garden. Learn more about COMFORT SEAT...

COMFORT Seat Classic

- An on-board classic -

Comfort Seat has been producing portable seats since 2003. The production facilities are located in the Netherlands - which means that they can maintain full control over the quality of their products. In addition to their marine products, they also manufacture a range of rugged outdoor seats as well. The Comfort Seat Classic SMALL is especially space-saving and perfect for small vessels with limited space.

All of the seats are equipped with adjustable backrests. The various seats can be adjusted between 6 and 14 positions (depending on the model) - ranging from sitting upright to lying down.
The integrated stable frame and hinged mechanism guarantees that the Comfort Seat provides optimal stabilization for your entire back. The product's compact dimensions and low weight make it incredibly easy to bring it along anwhere you want to. The integrated shoulder strap relieves strain on your back. All COMFORT seats feature no legs and have no sharp edges - so they cannot cause any damage on board.

All of the seats made by are protected by an acrylic outer cover: This makes them extremely resistant to UV radiation and exposure to water. All of the seats have an anti-slip surface on their bottom side, which guarantees a sturdy sitting experience. The cushion is made from high-quality polyether foam, allowing you to sit comfortably on any surface.

Enjoy the outdoors, soak up the sun and experience true relaxation with Comfort Seat products!