A brilliant invention! The COBB Grill was originally developed by an engineer and traces back to South Africa. What lead to its invention? The South African authorities asked the engineer to find a safe solution to preparing food. They wanted something with no naked flames, to reduce the risk of burning down the whole village. But this idea not only makes sense in Africa, it is also especially useful when grilling in confined spaces, such as on the boat, balcony or in the garden. Over the years, the principle has always remained the same, but the design has since been optimised. Learn more about COBB...
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Uncomplicated grilling

- With innovative grill technology from COBB -

Design and function. COBB grills are designed so that the heat source is located in the center of the grill. Thanks to the well-insulated inner shell of the grill, the outer shell remains only slightly warm, preventing any burn-related injuries. The grill can be touched at any time, and it can even be moved or placed on a table without causing an accident. This is possible despite the internal temperature reaching over 300 degrees. The COBB grill is lightweight and easy to transport in its practical carrying bag. The high-quality stainless steel design make this grill a real eye catcher.

Easy to clean. The COBB Grill can simply be taken apart in order to be cleaned quickly and easily. All of its stainless steel parts are dishwasher safe. The COBB Cleaner is a simple solution to stubborn dirt and grime.

Turns on and off quickly. The grill is ready to use within a few minutes and it can be turned off and packed away for storage or transport just as easily. This is ideal for spontaneous trips with the whole family. When you've finished grilling, just take the briquette basket out and extinguish the briquettes with water. Within a few minutes the grill will be cooled down and ready to transport.