For over 15 years CALYPSO has been offering customised solutions for restful sleep comfort and also specifically for owners of yachts, motor homes and caravans. Restful sleep depends on many factors, and there's a reason for choosing good bedding. With that in mind, CALYPSO offers individual sleep systems that will make you feel well-rested. Learn more about CALYPSO...
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Sleep like at home

- With the CALYPSO oscillating spring system -

The sleeping systems for boat owners guarantee comfort and can adapt to any type of bunk. But not only the mattress is important, a good climate below the mattress is equally necessary. A special climate regulating fabric makes this possible. A pad made of open-pored polyester mesh fabric ensures air circulation and allows moisture to evaporate quickly. This effectively prevents mildew and unpleasant odors. The honeycomb structure also forms an air cushion, thus has insulating properties and is also tear-resistant, lightfast and waterproof. CALYPSO offers you the ideal base for a healthy sleeping climate on your sailing or motor yacht, in the motorhome, caravan or holiday home.