Bosch is an international pioneer in a multitude of categories and subject areas for everything to do with electrics and electrical appliances. For more than 130 years, the company with its headquarters in Gerlingen has been developing continuously, and with good reason. Outstanding quality and performance have become a tradition. That is why today, the BOSCH brand name is a mark of trust for both large and small appliances of all kinds.

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Small Relay with Tab
Product image of BOSCH Small Relay with Tab
BOSCH Small Relay with Tab
13.95 EUR from €11.72
Receptacle Housing
Product image of BOSCH Receptacle Housing
BOSCH Receptacle Housing
3.95 EUR only €3.32
Small Relay with T-bar
Product image of BOSCH Small Relay with T-bar
BOSCH Small Relay with T-bar
21.95 EUR only €18.45
No rating yet
Power Relay
Product image of BOSCH Power Relay
BOSCH Power Relay
68.95 EUR from €57.94
No rating yet

Bosch Marine

- Small relays for boats and more -

Our Bosch product range at SVB is still limited but we will be extending it in the long term as required. However, should you be interested in certain Bosch components for marine applications, we are always available as a contact and commercial partner.