Life is an adventure. In 1952, then 27-year-old doctor, navigator and later namesake of the brand, Alain Bombard set sail with a rubber dinghy to cross the Atlantic - without water and food. "Naufragé volontaire" (In a dinghy across the Atlantic) is the title of the book, which he will write later on about his journey - the adventure of his self-experimentation to survive as shipwrecked at sea. Following his journey, Bombard participated in research on survival at sea and marine conservation and developed life rafts. more information
Oarlocks Set
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BOMBARD Oarlocks Set
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Even today, the Bombard brand stands for adventure and passion for the sea. For more than 50 years, Bombard has been developing life rafts, tenders and dinghies for the highest standards of safety and reliability that allow users to feel safe on the water even in extreme conditions.

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