If you insist on quality, BluePort offers classic sailing shoes made of high-quality materials. Their classic boat shoes are made of seawater-resistant cowhide leather with a non-slip razor-cut rubber sole. A little history: In the 1930s, when boat footwear was made of water-permeable linen with a thin rubber sole, these uncomfortable boat shoes were soon revolutionised by the invention of the razor cut sole, which gave new stability and slip resistance on wet surfaces thanks to its fine grooves. This novel and then patented tread, invented by a butcher's apprentice, was first used for rubber tyres, but soon found its way into shoe manufacturing. Learn more about BLUEPORT...

Grip on deck

- Innovative anti-slip sole -

For both water sports enthusiasts and land-goers. By combining high-quality leather and other high-tech fibres, the result was the sailing shoe that is available in many different versions today. The classic boat shoe, with the razor-cut sole, offers good grip even on wet and slippery surfaces. A popular choice on deck and for use outside the maritime sector.