BEDFLEX is a flexible slatted frame system that can be individually adapted to any space by simply cutting it to size. Optimal sleeping comfort on the go! The BEDFLEX slatted frames are rollable and easy to store. The beech wood slats are elastic and mounted on movable joints, which guarantees a back-friendly and restful sleep. Learn more about BEDFLEX...

For good quality, healthy sleep when on the move.

- What our customers say about the Bedflex slatted frame system: -

"We've already had this slatted frame installed in all cabins and now we're going to add it to the guest cabin. The beds are softer and the mattresses release moisture much better. Highly recommend to everyone."

- Marcel Z.

"It's always difficult to sleep well on the boat when on it for a long time. Slatted frame is quick and easy to install and makes for much better comfort! Very satisfied!"

- Carlo G.