Your dream boat should be perfect eveywhere you look, but that also includes items that are not visible at first glance. BARKA has developed a feel for the needs of boat owners in its more than 50 years of company history and is one of the leading suppliers for boatbuilders and shipyards when it comes to complete water systems. The Italian company is based in Milan, with a branch in Rome and production facilities in Bergamo and abroad. Production includes everything on the subject of water supply on board, from the stainless steel sink for the galley to the bathroom fittings with single-lever mixer and retractable shower head. Learn more about BARKA...

Faucets, sinks and fittings for boats

- Home-like facilities -

Even if things sometimes get a little turbulent in the galley, you can make your life at sea much easier with ultra-modern, useful and inexpensive water systems of all kinds made by Barka, and feel as if you are at home.

Whether you're after an extendable shower hose, a special type of tap to suit your needs, or you're just looking for top-of-the-range style and quality, Barka can meet all these needs for your galley, as well as provide spare parts if needed.