Don't compromise when it comes to safety on board! Every boat should be equipped with life jackets as standard. Avoid that sinking feeling when it comes to your on-board safety and count on BALTIC and their 30 years of life jacket experience. BALTIC life jackets are part of a range of safety products for on and off the boat. Our SVB shop offers you a selection of certified and tested buoyancy aids that are produced with the highest safety standards and uncompromising quality. Learn more about BALTIC...

BALTIC Lifejackets

BALTIC Lifejackets is a Swedish company that has been making life jackets, buoyancy aids and personal floatation devices since 1977 and is dedicated to improving the safety of those who find themselves on or near the water. BALTIC strives for the highest quality and safety standards so that nothing can go wrong on your next voyage.

Safety first!

To protect family, friends and yourself on the water, BALTIC offers an extensive catalogue of safety apparel. Lifejackets save lives. They are designed to place the wearer in a supine position to keep the airway afloat, even if the wearer is unconscious or unable to swim. The BALTIC lifejackets we supply are automatic lifejackets, which are equipped with a self-inflating unit. Inflation starts automatically about three seconds after immersion, giving the wearer buoyancy.

Automatic lifejackets of the highest quality

With a focus on quality, comfort and attention to detail, BALTIC life jackets are simple in design whilst at the same time comfortable, which increases the likelihood that the jackets will actually be worn. It's important for a life jacket to be comfortable to wear, especially on longer trips. The wearer most likely won't even notice it if this is the case. The buoyancy of a life jacket is measured in Newtons (N).Life jackets with 150 N+ from BALTIC also have a sturdy collar that supports and holds up the head, and have most of the buoyancy force on the front. These lifejackets are designed for emergencies and are an absolute necessity for both experienced swimmers and non-swimmers. Automatic lifejackets are especially suitable for keelboat/yacht sailing.

Make sure you choose the right size!

In order for an automatic lifejacket to function properly, it is essential that the correct size is chosen when purchasing. The jacket should fit tightly, but also be comfortable to wear. Never choose a larger jacket for children on the assumption that they will "grow into" it. Follow these steps when putting on a life jacket or buoyancy aid:

1. No space between the lifejacket and shoulders.

2. Tight fitting to the body.

3. Zip closes up to the top.

4. Adjust straps and fasten buckles.