BALLISTOL has been a household name in Germany for over four generations. Today the manufacturer of BALLISTOL universal oil is considered to be an expert for all types of special oils. In addition to the classic universal oil, other special technical oils as well as oils for humans and animals are produced and distributed worldwide. Learn more about BALLISTOL...
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BALLISTOL Universal Oil nourishes, protects and lubricates

- The right oil for any situation -

No other oil deserves to be called a universal oil like Ballistol. It has proven its effectiveness in the workshop for over 100 years - on cars, motorcycles, bicycles, in the household, on board, for fishing etc.

It is used as corrosion protection, lubricating oil, care and cleaning agent and shines with incredible properties - from excellent penetration effect to disinfecting power. SVB's online shop offers BALLISTOL universal oil as a 50 ml or 200 ml container; in addition, the BALLISTOL workshop oil USTA is available as a 200 ml spray can. The workshop oil cleans dirty and oil-soaked metal parts, removes rust and foreign particles and keeps moving parts smooth-running. Ideal for maintenance and preservation of chain, sprocket, ball bearings, hinge, telescopic cable and much more. Also suitable as contact spray.