ATLAS Filtri from Limena (Italy) features 35 years of experience in water filtration technology, design, production and worldwide distribution in 80 countries. The company especially focuses on environmentally-friendly materials and a climate-friendly production according to the Kyoto Protocol for the reduction of greenhouse emissions. The filter cartridges made of activated carbon are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner. SVB offers ATLAS drinking water filters, consisting of filtration housing, that are optionally sold with pressure gauge and filter cartridges, either made of polypropylene (preliminary filter) or activated carbon. Learn more about ATLAS...

Which filter is the right one for me?

- Polypropylene or active carbon? -

Polypropylene fibre filters serve as preliminary filters that remove the finest particles such as sand, dust, rust and flakes from drinking water. Carbon blocks filter pollutants such as chlorine, lime flakes, organic pollutants, pesticides and other particles that affect the taste and odour of the water.

Choose one of our ATLAS filters to match your drinking water on board to your own personal taste.

ATLAS Filtri manufactures according to the stipulations of ISO 9001-2008 and is a member of many organisations surrounding the topic of clean water (Associazione Aqua Italia / WQA - Water Quality Association / IWA - International Water Association / AfWA - African Water Association).