When planning a trip, having good preparation is critical. The nautical charts and travel guides published by the Royal Dutch Touring Club (anwb), based in Wassenaar, give an overview of destinations and routes in the Netherlands and abroad, and provide helpful tips and information about the country, region and cities.  Learn more about ANWB...
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ANWB nautical charts - a work of tradition

- Conviction from success -

Founded on July 1, 1883, anwb is now the largest travellers' association in the Netherlands with more than 4.4 million members and is comparable to the German ADFC/ADAC. Anwb provides maps for travelling by car, motorbike or caravan, as well as travel guides for hiking, horse riding, water sports, winter sports and camping.

At SVB we have nautical charts from anwb for various sailing regions in the Netherlands with detailed nautical information, bridge numbers and overview charts of the most important ports and places. The accompanying folding charts also include detailed maps of the most important places, sights or restaurants, etc. The nautical charts are supplied in Dutch.