The reassuring feeling of security. Since 1924, ABUS has been considered one of Germany's leading manufacturers of security products. The company pays special attention to the reliability, durability and ease of use of its products.

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Spiral Cable Lock
Product image of ABUS Spiral Cable Lock
ABUS Spiral Cable Lock
19.95 EUR only €19.95
Security Cylinder
Product image of ABUS Security Cylinder
ABUS Security Cylinder
18.95 EUR €22.50 only €18.95
Product image of ABUS Padlocks
ABUS Padlocks
17.95 EUR €20.24 from €17.95
All-Weather Padlock PREMIER 90
Product image of ABUS All-Weather Padlock PREMIER 90
AQUA SAFE 70IB Padlock / bracket length 24.5 mm
Product image of ABUS AQUA SAFE 70IB Padlock / bracket length 24.5 mm
AQUA SAFE 70IB Padlock / bracket length 63 mm
Product image of ABUS AQUA SAFE 70IB Padlock / bracket length 63 mm
COBRA 8/200 Padlock Cable
Product image of ABUS COBRA 8/200 Padlock Cable
ABUS COBRA 8/200 Padlock Cable
13.95 EUR €14.95 only €13.95
Lubricant Spray PS 88
Product image of ABUS Lubricant Spray PS 88
Combination Padlock
Product image of ABUS Combination Padlock
ABUS Combination Padlock
29.95 EUR €32.75 only €29.95

It all began with an idea. Effective development creates innovative products, and ABUS realized this from early on. The company knows exactly how to protect people and property. The team of experts behind ABUS is constantly developing intelligent, amazing and effective solutions for your safety. Whether you are on board, camping, or in your own home – there is a secure solution for everything!

The list of ABUS innovations is long. Padlocks, chain locks, combination locks and spiral cable locks are only a small section of ABUS' wide variety of products. ABUS also develops maintenance products and lock cylinders, for the permanent preservation of security.

ABUS guarantees security in every situation! If you have any further questions concerning any of ABUS' products, please feel free to contact us. Give us a call at: 0049 421 57290-0 or send us an e-mail at:

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