4WATER, or FORWATER specialises in the development and manufacture of advanced safety equipment for the marine market. Their 4WATER RAFT RANGE of liferafts feature an impressive compact design and light but strong material. Want to buy 4WATER safety equipment? At SVB you'll find an array of innovative safety equipment, such as the highly visible OFFSHORE and COASTAL life rafts and matching accessories. Learn more about 4WATER...

Who is 4WATER?

4WATER specialises in rescue equipment for water sports. With its selection of high-end, yet very reasonably priced, equipment, 4WATER Marine does not compromise on safety. Along with life rafts, 4WATER is renowned for all manner of marine safety gear, including the GRAB BAG, which may be used as a spare part for OFFSHORE life rafts. 

FOR WATER life rafts are certified, comply with the applicable ISO standards and thus the requirements on the high seas. With a life raft from FOR WATER Marine, you are well-equipped in the case of an emergency. No matter if you are traveling with a small or large crew, or if you are sailing offshore or close to the coast, 4WATER has the ideal solution for your boat.

The 4WATER liferafts were developed in partnership with HERO, a Spanish company that has established itself as a global leader in the design, development, and production of nautical equipment over the course of its 40 years on the market.

Why 4WATER safety equipment?

4WATER uses rubber instead of the usual PVC in the development and production of its life rafts. And it's this that makes the life rafts of the 4WATER Raft Range series so special. FOR WATER Marine has managed to develop a light and flexible fabric that is extremely robust. This gives FOR WATER safety equipment the advantage that it can be stowed away compactly thanks to a specially developed fold. Whether you choose the version in a bag or container, the innovative liferafts will save you valuable space either on deck or on the railing. 

As the names suggest, the COASTAL liferaft was developed for use when sailing near the coast, the OFFSHORE raft for the high seas. Both models are available for four people or more, the offshore version even for up to 10 people, either in a container or in a bag. All models comply with ISO standards and are certified. The life rafts are equipped with safety-relevant equipment such as paddles, bailers and knives. 

FOR WATER MARINE liferafts are highly visible thanks to the neon yellow-green signal colour. The material offers very high visibility by reflecting existing light excellently, while lights on both inside and outside ensure better visibility at night and in bad weather. The life rafts also feature the latest technology, which halves the inflation time of a life raft to less than ten seconds. This is crucial, as in an emergency, the cold is any shipwrecked person's worst enemy.

4WATER makes sure that the material used in their liferafts offers excellent heat protection. Furthermore, the life rafts activate automatically as soon as they are launched. A small platform, two ladders and sturdy handles make it easier to get out of the water - this is particularly important in rough seas and bad weather. All models are stable in the water and have a self-inflating roll bar to prevent capsizing.

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In addition to life rafts, 4WATER offers important accessories such as the 4WATER GRAB BAG. This survival bag is a waterproof 50 liter buoyant bag made from welded PVC. The GRAB BAG can be used for storing important documents or safety equipment in an emergency.

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