BOAT AND YACHT M1-4 Fire Extinguishing System / max. 2.9 m³ net room size

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Product details

BOAT AND YACHT M1 is a flexible fire extinguishing system that can be adapted to any engine compartment with only one engine. The system is particularly easy to retrofit and requires very little maintenance. Thanks to aerosol technology* this fire extinguisher is 100% environmentally friendly and is not hazardous to health.
System design

Function and system design

  • The heat-detection cable 3) must be positioned near the engine, so that any heat and fire will melt the cable quickly.
  • If there is a fire, the heat detection cable melts, triggering the alarm in the controller 1).
  • The controller is powered by a 3 V battery (running time 1 year) or by the on-board power supply.
  • As soon as the control is triggered, the sound generator 4) emits an acoustic signal to alert crew and passengers of fire.
  • The extinguishers (number varies depending on the system) 2) simultaneously start the extinguishing process in the engine compartment.

All advantages at a glance

  • 100 % environmentally friendly
  • Fire extinguishing of classes A, B, C & F
  • Space-saving and easy to retrofit
  • Low maintenance

Technical data
Max. engine compartment size in m³
(net volume of space*)
2.9 m³
Activation mechanism Electrical
Heat detection cable for fire detection 2 metres
Number of control units 1
Control runs on 3 V battery Yes
Alt. power supply 12 / 24 V DC
Discharge time (extinguishing agent) Max. 5 - 10 seconds
Number of extinguishers 2
Weight of extinguishing agent per generator 200 g
Fire alarm Sound generator (12 V DC)
Weight per generator Approx. 1840 g
Dimensions per generator 185 x 84 mm
Safety clearance 40 cm
*Net volume of space: Size of the room in meters³ minus all installations such as motor, electrics etc.
Example: 2 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 4.5 m³ minus motor 2 m³ = 2.5 m³ net volume of space

  • 1x control unit (incl. 3 V battery)
  • 2x type 100 aerosol extinguishers
  • 2x mounting clamps
  • 1x fireproof connection cable (4 m)
  • 1x heat detection cable (2 m)
  • 1x junction box
  • 1x sound generator (12 V DC)

*Aerosol technology
An aerosol is a mixture of a gas and very fine liquid or solid particles. When an aerosol extinguisher is triggered, the potassium carbonate-based aerosol is generated and then released.
As soon as the aerosol comes into contact with the flame, the chain reaction from the combustion process is inhibited by means of chemical reactions with the free radicals. Aerosol is harmless and found in food as additive E501.

Internal construction of the extinguisher

1 Electrical connection
2 Electrical trigger
3 Aerosol in solid state
4 Cooling section
5 Discharge opening
Internal construction of the extinguisher

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